Monday, May 05, 2008

"With your flip-flops, half-shirt, short shorts, miniskirt…"*

I’m not going to lie: back in their heyday, I was a New Kids on the Block fan. It was 1988, and as a nine-year-old girl, I was their target demographic. When I confided my musical preferences to my 17-year-old babysitter, she gagged herself with a spoon, then promptly popped a Smiths tape into the stereo of her Buick and played it over and over until I forgot all about Little Joe’s angelic voice.

But I didn’t forget, Cathy. Not really. I just buried it, along with all the words to “Cover Girl” and every step to the “Right Stuff” dance routine. (You know: kick left, kick right, left-right-left, oh-oh-ohoh) Until now.

Okay, so it’s basically a warmed-over version of LFO’s “Summer Girls”-- wow, can I just stop and ponder the tragedy in implying LFO as some kind of benchmark for anything? Besides skankiness? -- but it’s good to see them all out there, right? And who would’ve predicted that Danny would age so well? This bodes well for the entire summer.

*Redundant? Or just really 80's? I can't decide.