Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mmm...Soft Focus

Okay, so, this is the post where I wanted to dazzle you with photos of my spectacular pigs in blankets, but I pretty much rely on one friend to document my life for me (Do you have that friend? The one who you always think of when you’re going ready to go out, and contemplate lugging a camera because you always wish you had more pictures, but then you realize that your One Friend will be there and she always takes loads of photos? That’s Sarah.) and she hasn’t yet posted the images on Flickr. Anyway, suffice it to say that the blankets were fluffy and lovely, and my pastry-making confidence was further bolstered.

While searching for photos of my own food last night, I got to thinking about an observation that a friend of ours had made about the latest trends in food photography in general. He noted that older cookbooks tended to feature almost panoramic photos of elaborate tablescapes with a bunch of different crap all stacked up next to each other, often against a black background. But now, people seem to favor very tight shots with a crisp, central focal point and softness radiating outwards. I am such a sucker for that shit. I’m pretty sure that I could be convinced to eat a vacuum cleaner belt if you topped it with heirloom tomatoes and photographed it like that.