Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Lights, Camera, Pants

Working in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, I pass through film shoots fairly regularly. As any New Yorker will tell you, nine out of ten times it’s Law and Order. But every so often, it’s a real Hollywood feature with real celebrities (apologies to Sam Waterston). The Will Smith vehicle “I Am Legend” took over Washington Square Park for a few weeks, no doubt disrupting business for the local – cough cough – entrepreneurs. Though Mr. Smith is a bona fide movie star, friend of Tom Cruise and TOTALLY NOT a Scientologist, I’m not much of a fan (my father is incredulous at this, since he cannot get through the trailer of “The Pursuit of Happyness” without being moved to tears). I agree that he’s a good actor, and Lord knows I loved the Fresh Prince when I was a kid, but it still bothers me that sold out his talent in favor of action roles for which he could record a middle school dance-friendly pop hit. And what the hell did he do with Jazz? By the way, have you listened to the lyrics of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” lately? I find myself agreeing with his mother more and more every time I hear that song, and that’s just depressing. God, I’m old.

Anyway, “I Am Legend” is now in post-production, leaving the Square free for a more exciting project: “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2: Forever in Blue”! Little America “Healthy Body Image” Ferrera! Little Rory Gilmore who can’t act her way out of a wet paper bag! OMGPON1ES!!1!* (Apparently there are two other girls to whom the pants also travel, and I am just going to have to apologize to them right now, because couldn’t pick them out of a lineup and I will probably cut them off in line at the deli. I’m sure they’re very talented, though.) Keep it here for more updates on the Pants and their Travels…or maybe just some more posts about my neighborhood and pies and stuff. KBYE!

*Source: Slashdot, via Cute Overload