Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm Still Here (ish)

Look at the sad princess. She is so sad. 

This blog started as a way to distract myself while I waited for a decision on my graduate school applications. You can probably get a sense of how that turned out, since there was a precipitous drop in post frequency right around the fall of 2009. A couple years later I graduated and got a job in my field. And that was selfish of me. I hope you will dig down into the cold and slimy cockles of your soul and find a grain of forgiveness. And I hope that grain of forgiveness becomes a pearl of largesse which you might affix to a band of munificence and wear on your lovely, tapered finger, which you will then use to dry my tears of remorse. "There there, little Baking Kat. Do not cry," you will say. And I will say, "Oh Reader! How can I not but cry when your finger is so soft and your magnanimity cradles my broken heart! I have wronged you." And you will say, "Oh lovely Kat, thee of the baking, there is no need to be sorry, for you have a long summer break approaching, and much time for recompense." Here I will raise my eyes to meet yours (which are large and clear and free of wrinkles -- do you moisturize?) and I will shout, "Yes! The plans I've made! I'm going to bake this, and this, and soon, this!"

Things are coming. Soon my lovely princesses with your silky skin and glimmering baubles symbolizing forgiveness, soon.

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