Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Super Tuesday Part Two: Electoral Boogaloo

Is the title too much? I think it might be too much. Eh, whatevs. It's a blog.

So! Theoretically, today could be the day that decides the Democratic party nomination, and I'm afraid I have to admit that I'm just as ambivalent as ever. Issues of identity politics aside, both Clinton and Obama are such a far cry from my one true love, Dennis Kucinich. You can call me crazy, but it's you who's crazy! Crazy with guilt for abandoning every idealistic wish you ever uttered in your dorm's study lounge!

By the time my primary rolled around, my beloved little elf had danced into the mist, so it was down to Hills and Barry, just as today. Up until now I've managed to avoid telling people who I voted for by telling them I voted for McCain, and watching hilarity ensue. Oh, New York City residents! So delightfully predictable! No one even attempts to mask their horror. And that's exactly why I moved here -- for stability.