Thursday, January 03, 2008

Crap I’m Bonkers About

New year, new crap! Actually, all of this crap predates 2008, but I'm either just now catching on or am still obsessing months later:

  • The word “bonkers”! I’m up to about three uses per conversation. Try it!
  • I used to read the comics every day as a kid, all the way through high school (on actual paper – pre-Internet, kids!). Read Josh “Comics CurmudgeonFruhlinger’s blog and I promise you, Herb and Jamaal will never be the same again
  • My new slippers. Sometimes I put them on and pretend that I’m Kate Hudson circa 2004
  • Natasha Bedingfield’s “I Wanna Have Your Babies.” Never has the ticking of a biological clock sounded so damned catchy
  • Nigel Slater's easy bread recipe. I've been mucking around with the ubiquitous NY Times no-knead recipe, with fairly consistent, but uninspiring results. But THIS one -- this one made my dream of opening my own bakery (to be called "Yeasty's") feel within reach